Welcome to Prime Cut Supply


Here at Prime Cut Supply we strive to bring you the very best in quality and personalized service to earn your business; we strive to be your source for reliable premium quality, convenience, and value when it comes to delicious fine steakhouse premium meats and seafood treats. As part of today’s culture of “Good Eats” we want to help make your life easier and tastier!!

You will enjoy the outstanding products, preparation, and service usually reserved for exclusive restaurants. Our state-of-the-art portion-controlled servings are individually vacuum-packaged, sealed, and then “quickly frozen” to maintain the maximum freshness. Our delicious products are then packed and delivered in a labeled corrugated box and brought right to your door in our special cold delivery truck.

Choose from our amazing online menu (call and ask us about anything else you might like set up as a special order)

Getting fine meats and seafood delivered from us is as easy as 1-2-3.

1) Simply browse and choose your selections and place them in your cart

2) Fill out your contact information and send us your order (We will accept payment on delivery by credit or debit card)

3) After receiving your order we will call you to confirm your order and answer any questions you may have. Then we can safely set your delivery time and date for your home, office or business. Your order will delivered in our special cold delivery truck with that extra special personal touch.

With Prime Cut Supply you have the quality easy answer for “What’s for dinner tonight?”, “What shall we serve our guests?” or “What gift can I give that I KNOW they will like?”

PRIME CUT SUPPLY, “Fine  Meats and Seafood Treats Delivered Right to Your Doorstep!”

(We currently have routes to deliver in Southeastern Wisconsin and the Fox Valley and Upper Illinois)